Yahoo! Developer Network

Yahoo! Developer Network
Since 2009
Wireframes, User Flows, Content Aggregation, Competitive Evaluation, Prototypes, Documentation

I contributed to the concept and design of various products under the YDN umbrella. Projects included the recent website redesign, creation of a new publisher section, usability and interface improvements to Yahoo Applications (YAP) as well as a new design for the YUI Configurator.


  • Led the creation of the Developer Network publisher section targeted to a self-service and novice audience of our products. Defined the user experience, aggregated the content and oversaw the visual design process for a clear entry point into the broad offering.
  • Collaborated with designers, developers, product managers and internal stakeholders to expand functionality and improve the overall user experience with the latest redesign of the Yahoo! Developer Network.
  • Contributed high quality, detailed UI specifications and advocated for their execution throughout the implementation to advance business objectives and success metrics.
  • Developed, evaluated and iterated on a new design for the YUI Configurator to support new use cases, a growing module ecosystem and improve the overall user experience. Worked closely with the product and engineering team to meet user needs and deliver a design that allows users to discover modules, explore features and supports complex configuration.
  • Contributed to research studying the social media strategy of technology leaders to inform Yahoo!’s social product platform
  • Designed and revised interfaces to support 3rd-party experiences, like social gaming on various Yahoo! products
  • Participated in usability testing for new product features.